Universiteit Gent

Dare to think


Ghent University provides research, education, training and services to society across 11 faculties. The Centre for Sustainable Chemistry (CSC) groups all researchers working on sustainable chemistry at Ghent University. It includes researchers working on reaction & process design, industrial biotechnology and advanced materials, of which several are working on innovations relevant for North-CCU-Hub. Ghent University is also a core partner and founding member of CAPTURE, which has a focus on ‘CO2 to product’. Furthermore, also researchers working on combustion technology are involved in North-CCU-Hub.

Interest/importance/rol in North-CCU-Hub

Ghent University researchers are developing innovative technologies that can contribute to developments in North-CCU-Hub beyond North-C-methanol. These innovations are done both at low and intermediate technology readiness levels and in close collaboration with industry and other societal stakeholders. At Ghent University, also innovation on non-technological issues related to CCU is being developed (business models, regulatory issues, social issues, political issues,…).

More information: https://www.ugent.be/

North-CCU-Hub contact: Prof. Kevin Van Geem (Kevin.VanGeem@ugent.be) and Simon De Corte (Simon.DeCorte@ugent.be)