POM Oost-Vlaanderen


The Development Agency East-Flanders is pioneering for a sustainable, innovative, futureproof and climate-healthy East-Flanders. The Development Agency East-Flanders (POM) is in charge of executing the economic policy of the Province by participating, developing and motivating. (MISSION)

The POM develops sustainable economic projects. As a proactive partner we stand for cooperation, we identify economic needs and opportunities, meet the challenges and bring these to groundbreaking achievements. In this way, we create high-quality business space and strengthen the economic spearhead sectors of the Province. (VISION)

Interest/importance/role in North-CCU-Hub

By being an active partner in the North-CCU-Hub consortium, the Development Agency East-Flanders wants to help develop this new industrial cluster on East Flemish territory. We have experience in stimulating cross-sector links between companies and we are acquainted with industrial symbiosis. In addition to this role as a facilitator, we also see a role for ourselves in financially participating in pioneering projects, in which, as a neutral government party, we create trust regarding market parties/actors through our targeted investments. We aim to develop the CCU hub into a strong ecosystem with sustainable triple helix partnerships, which endorses both the economic and ecological ambitions of our region.

More information: https://www.pomov.be

North-CCU-Hub contact: Linda Verdonck (Linda.Verdonck@pomov.be)