North-C-Methanol becomes North-C-Hydrogen

An important new dimension has been given to the project with the reorientation towards green H2 production to allow supply to a broad range of applications like E-molecules (ethanol, iso-propanol,…), E-proteïns, H2 mobility,… and by no longer focussing on the exclusive production of green methanol. Therefore, the name of the project has also changed to North-C-Hydrogen. 

The project still consists of an electrolyser plant of approx. 67 MW at the ENGIE Rodenhuize site in the port of Ghent. The electrolyser will split water in green hydrogen and oxygen, using renewable energy. Oxygen can be used locally in the steel industry. North-C-Hydrogen will be able to produce up to 10kton of green hydrogen per year.

The partners of North-C-Hydrogen are now investigating their potential role within this reorientation, and potential off-takers of green H2 in the port of Ghent are being prospected. We will keep you informed of new developments of the project.