VIL vzw (Flanders Innovation Cluster for Logistics)

Description of activities: VIL is appointed by the Flemish government as the single point of contact for the logistics sector. Our goal is to create economic and social value for companies. VIL represents more than 600 companies and works along leading strategic partners and a network at home and abroad.

Interest/importance/role in North-CCU-Hub: with a view to zero emission logistics in 2050, the logistics sector is looking for sustainable propulsion of heavy duty logistics applications such as rail, inland shipping and goods handling. In this context, green methanol is an interesting technology that we are keen to investigate further.


Contact person for North-CCU-Hub: Eric Verlinden, manager Research (

“Various promising technologies present themselves as a possible solution to the enormous sustainability challenge facing the transport sector. At VIL, we believe there is not one generic solution, but further research is required to find a technology for every logistics application that enables zero-emission logistics, not only technically, but also economically and operationally.”