Belgian Eco Energy

Description of activities:

BEE is an integrated company with both energy production and energy supply. BEE stands for Belgian Eco Energy and is rightly positioned to provide an ecological and economic response to the energy transition.

As a developer and investor in new renewable energy plants, BEE is responsible for the complete management of the plant and organizes the long-term contracts for the purchase of energy so that the objectives in terms of sustainability and cost savings are met.

By producing and supplying renewable, traceable and reliable energy locally, BEE puts the Shortest Chain principle into practice.

Interest/importance/role in North-CCU-Hub:

BEE’s Bio Energy Base (BEB) is a biomass power station based on non-recyclable waste wood. With the arrival of BEB at Ghent Coal Terminal, this location in the port of Ghent will be transformed into a breeding ground for a biocluster and innovation hub.

Emissions from Bio Energy Base (BEB) are negligibly low thanks to sophisticated flue gas cleaning and advanced technologies. In addition, BEB will supply maximum green steam and heat to neighboring industrial companies. Thanks to the favorable logistics location at Ghent Coal Terminal, a biocluster can be created in the port.

BEE will continue to play a strategic role in the further development, financing, construction and operation of Bio-CHP plants based on non-recyclable waste wood or non-recyclable industrial waste, thereby creating an industrial circular ecosystem around the production plants, where supply chain optimization and innovation are key.

BEE would like to further optimize the BEB from a “CO2 neutral bio-plant” to a “CO2 negative bio-plant” by capturing CO2. In this regard, BEE strives for an intelligent partnership with North-CCU-Hub.

More information:

Contact person for North-CCU-Hub: Peter Beyers (

“BEE’s Bio Energy Base is the start of a sustainable biocluster in the port of Ghent, in which BEE strives for co-creation and innovative partnerships.”