Kick-off of the Mobile Methanol Utilisation project

The kick-off of the ‘Mobile Methanol Utilisation (MMU)’ project has been given. North-CCU-Hub will, in collaboration with VIL Flanders Innovation Cluster for Logistics and Ghent University, investigate the potential role for green methanol in the sustainability of ‘heavy duty’ logistic applications like inland shipping, railway, specific port activities and cargo handling.

With active participation of Aertssen Group, Anglo Belgian Corporation, Barging Solutions NV, Boluda Towage, INOVYN, Jan De Nul Group, JoGo Logistics, Lineas, North Sea Port, POM Limburg, PSA Antwerp, Shipit Multimodal Logistics, Victrol, WeBarge, Roose, Solqu Trans and Urban Waterway Logistics. The project is pulled by Julie Stuer, Filip Van Hulle, Sebastian Verhelst and Stef Denayer