Jan De Nul


Jan De Nul Group shapes both water and land. We enable the production of offshore energy and maintain the depth of waterways. We build new ports and create extra land. We realise complex infrastructure works and erect any type of building. We tackle pollution in whatever form. Thanks to the fruitful interaction within our company, we can offer overall solutions that combine one, several or even all these activities.

Importance/role/interest in North-CCU-Hub

Our ambitions in relation to energy transition are focussed at company level on reduction of emissions by floating and rolling equipment, and at project level on a neutral or positive impact on climate and environment. We are convinced that these challenges are best tackled in a biotope of engaged companies and knowledge centers such as North-CCU hub.

More information: https://www.jandenul.com

North-CCU-Hub contact person: Michel Deruyck (michel.deruyck@jandenul.com)

“When it comes to green molecules, cooperation will be crucial for actions both in the short and medium term. We already see good opportunities for sustainable solutions in the short term.”