Stad Gent


The City of Ghent is aiming for a climate-neutral city by 2050 and is therefore committed to making the local economy more sustainable and renewable. To achieve this goal the implementation of clean technologies and the development of a circular economy are essential. Ghent already has a robust and resilient cleantech cluster to build on.

Interest/importance/role in North-CCU-Hub

Together with the partners of the Cleantech Cluster Regio Gent, which was established in 2016, the city council is committed to a package of actions and projects that are looking for answers to challenges in the areas of energy, water, materials and mobility. The North-CCU-Hub consortium is an important pillar of this package to realize the ambitions and climate objectives of the city council.

More information:

North-CCU-Hub contact: Pieter Vancoillie (; Dienst Economie) and Indra Van Sande (; Dienst Milieu & Klimaat)