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Catalisti, the spearhead cluster that facilitates innovation in Flanders’ chemical and plastics sector, is a public-private partnership between industry, knowledge institutions and government. In open innovation projects, Catalisti cooperates with its partners on specific topics in four programmes: renewable chemicals, process intensification, advanced sustainable products, and the valorisation of sidestreams, including CO2.

Interest/importance/role in North-CCU-Hub

Within its innovation programmes, and through the Moonshot initiative, Catalisti aims to reduce the CO2 emissions of the chemical industry and other energy-intensive sectors. Sustainable technologies such as CCU can support this ambition. To further optimize these technologies and bring them to a higher TRL, Catalisti provides its expertise and network to the North-CCU-Hub. This way, Flanders can take on a leading role in Carbon Capture & Utilization.

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