The CAPTURE platform (an initiative of University of Ghent, University of Antwerp, VITO and VUB) sees opportunities in the transition to a circular economy in which products and materials retain their highest value. The platform was set up in 2015 to achieve an integrated approach, both in terms of stakeholders, knowledge, expertise and infrastructure. Specifically, CAPTURE wants to develop solutions for the reuse of CO2, water and plastics.

Interest/importance/role in North-CCU-Hub

CAPTURE believes that the collaboration between stakeholders boosts circularity. North-CCU-Hub is a perfect example of what we stand for. An initiative with a particularly large social and economic impact can be realized by combining forces of industrial players, governments, knowledge institutions and other actors. Moreover, this in turn can enhance more innovative projects and initiatives in the region.

Meer informatie:

North-CCU-Hub contact: prof. Korneel Rabaey ( and Simon De Corte (