Bio Base Europe


Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant is an independent, state-of-the-art and multipurpose pilot facility for process development, scale-up and custom manufacturing of bio-based products and processes from kilogram to multi-ton scale. A wide range of modular unit operations combined with a team of flexible, highly trained and experienced engineers and bioprocess technicians serves customers from around the world in the field of biomass pretreatment, (gas)fermentation, biocatalysis, explosion proof green chemistry and purification and product recovery.

Interest/importance/role in North-CCU-Hub

Our society is facing enormous challenges in the field of climate and energy. North-CCU-Hub wants to provide an answer to this and strives for climate neutrality in the port area. To achieve this, North-CCU-Hub is committed to extensive industrial integration and long-term innovation processes. The Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant has a great deal of expertise in the field of new conversion methods to produce a wide range of basic chemical products from CO2 and other waste gases. In this way Bio Base Europe contributes to North-CCU-Hub for a better and more sustainable world.

More information:

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