Avecom (Ghent, Belgium) is an innovative SME focused on controlling and optimizing microbial processes. The company was founded as a spin-out of the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering (Ghent University). Avecom develops fermentation processes for the production of sustainable microbial proteins for use in animal feed and human food. Avecom has its own, fully equipped laboratories and pilot infrastructure for this.

Interest/Importance/role in North-CCU-Hub

Both North-CCU-Hub and Avecom are based in Ghent and work side by side on the use of innovative processes to make our economy more sustainable and circular. Avecom strongly believes in cross-border cooperation with both public and industrial actors.

More information: https://www.avecom.be

North-CCU-Hub contact person: Stijn Boeren (Stijn.Boeren@avecom.be)

Avecom wants to push forward the application and commercialization of microbial products and processes.