• Integrated steel plant (coke plant, sinter plant, blast furnace, steel shop, hot and cold rolling mill, coating lines)
  • Product of flat steel products (6 Mt/a), starting from coal and iron ore
  • End products for automotive and industry : hot rolled steel sheet, cold rolled sheet, galvanized and painted sheet.
  • Private research centre OCAS (linked to UGent)
  • Leader in technology development to reduce the green house gas emission  (CCUS-projects)

Interest/importance/role in North-CCU-Hub and North-C-Methanol

  • As a steel producer ArcelorMittal consumes large volumes of oxygen. This oxygen can be produced without emissions, in an electrolyser.
  • ArcelorMittal emits large volumes of CO2. These can be captured to produce a clean fuel or chemical, such as methanol.
  • ArcelorMittal has a lot of engines running on diesel (locomotives, cars, trucks, ..). With only minor adaptations these engines can use methanol as a fuel, and reduce emission of NOx, SOx, and fine dust.

More information:

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