Alco Bio Fuel


Alco Bio Fuel, located in the Harbour of Ghent, is a biorefinery specialized in the production of bioethanol, and a broad range of coproducts such as DDGS (a protein-rich feed product), green CO2, electricity (via a CHP) and corn oil. The biomass that is utilized are mainly sustainable grains, such as corn and wheat, and waste streams.

Interest/importance/role in North-CCU-Hub

Alco Bio Fuel will actively contribute to North-CCU-hub as a potential supplier green CO2, and wishes to share its extensive process and operational experience in support of the North-C-methanol project

More information:

North-CCU-Hub contact: Pablo Vercruysse (

“Alco Bio Fuel, as sustainable pioneers, has the ambition to become a climate neutral biorefinery by 2030.”