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The European Green Deal requires drastic changes in response to the ambitious goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. North-CCU-Hub accepts the technical, financial and organizational challenges to come to feasible business cases for large scale investment projects. By doing so, an attractive climate for implementations and investments is created for Flanders, Belgium and Europe. The realization of a circular economy is contributing simultaneously to local sustainability, employment and quality of life. On these aspects, a study was performed in 2019, which can be downloaded below.

In relative short term, innovative technology at high TRL (technology readiness level) will be applied on an industrial scale. A first large scale demonstration facility “first of its size”, North-C-Methanol, will in a smart way make the combination of renewable energy, green hydrogen and CO2 as feedstock for the production of green methanol. Simultaneously, in the mid-long term, the feasibility of innovation trajectories at a lower TRL will be investigated. Partners bring together knowledge and economy and look from different angles to other innovative value chains with high-value end-products.

Our timeline and roadmap is depicted in the illustration below. We started with a preliminary study on the CCU potential in the region in 2018, which can be consulted below. We are currently preparing the North-C-Methanol project and negotiating a Joint Development agreement with the North-C-Methanol partners. A further upscaling, diversification and innovation trajectory up to 2040 is lying ahead of us.

North-CCU-Hub Roadmap


Public and industrial partners in the area of North Sea Port are going to collaborate intensively to make significant progress in the transitions towards sustainability. North-CCU-Hub will close loops through industrial symbiosis and create new value chains with CO2 as a feedstock. It brings together expertise of innovation driven industry of world-level with knowledge institutes and spearhead clusters, supported by public partners. The hub strives to become the worldwide reference for capture and reuse of CO2 by cross-border collaboration.

We make a distinction between ‘Partners‘ and ‘Supporters‘. Partners are organisations or companies active in the governance of North-CCU-Hub or parties that are taking an active role in North-CCU-Hub projects. Supporters are organisations or companies who have shown a clear interest in the organisation and in involvement in future projects.




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Smart Delta Resources

Smart Delta Resources (SDR) is a platform for industrial symbiosis in the Delta Region. It aims at reducing energy and feedstock use by creating new industrial symbiosis business cases. As industrial symbiosis is in its core, North-CCU-Hub is closely linked with SDR.

Cleantech Cluster Regio Gent

Cleantech Cluster Regio Gent is a collaboration between actors in the region of Ghent (Ghent University, Stad Gent, Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen, POM Oost-Vlaanderen and North Sea Port) aiming at creating a robust cleantech ecosystem in the Ghent region. North-CCU-Hub is identified as a key project for the Cleantech Cluster Regio Gent.


Steelanol will be transforming carbon-rich industrial waste gases from North-CCU-Hub partner ArcelorMittal into advanced bio-ethanol for use in the transport sector by way of a novel gas-fermentation technology. This project, already in construction, is perfectly aligned with the mission of North-CCU-Hub.


Carbon2Value aims at separation and capture of CO2 from waste gas of North-CCU-Hub partner ArcelorMittal and make it available for use as a feedstock by Dow Chemical, a big chemical player in the North Sea Port region. This project, already in implementation phase, is perfectly aligned with the mission of North-CCU-Hub.


CAPTURE (Centre for Advanced Process Technology for Urban Resource Recovery) is an open innovation platform for innovation in circular economy and resource recovery. Current focus is on the topcs water-fit-for-use, Plastics-to-resource and CO2-to-product  Current core partners include Ghent University, Antwerp University and VITO. CAPTURE is one of the initiators of North-CCU-Hub and shaping the innovation trajectory of the project.

Flanders Innovation Industry Moonshot

Flanders Innovation Industry Moonshot aims at making Flanders’ industry circular and low in CO2 by 2050, by investing 400 M€ in a period of 20 years. The program will enable important innovations for North-CCU-Hub